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How is a commissioned work created?

Contract work

Your very own unique piece

How a commissioned work is created - the Art Creation Process

Commissioned work is a very individual and personal thing that I love to do - to work with you to create the perfect image for you.

The first contact

We will work together to create a unique Hanna Oberkersch artwork. In a non-binding, initial conversation by phone or video call, I want to get to know you and your vision for the painting. This is where we gather inspiration from your spaces, my previous works, and nature. Please keep in mind that no two artworks are the same and that you will receive your unique commissioned work.

Here are a few options for size: 100 x 100 cm, 90 x 120 cm, 100 x 150 cm. Of course, we can specify an individual size. I prefer large formats and multi-part series.

The price for a commissioned work depends on the number, size and effort for the image or series. Of course, after our conversation you will get concrete price quotes. Based on this, you can then decide whether you want to commission the work.

Please note that contract work starts at a price of 3000 EUR. 50% deposit and 50% after completion of the project.

If you give me a "YES!" we'll first make sure we've chosen the right format by having me create a visualization for you using Photoshop.

If you give me another "YES!", we will conclude a work contract in which the details will be described in detail.

You can expect a time span of about 3 months from order placement to delivery (within Germany) to you. Internationally it can come to longer delivery times.

My Art Creation Process

Are you playing in your playground yet?

Together we discuss what you want your artwork to remind you of EVERY DAY. Then we create a color palette. In the next step you will receive 5-10 composition sketches from me, which I will send you together with the color samples.

Once you've decided on a composition, I pick up the brush and get to work.

During the creation process I will send you photos and/or videos from time to time. You can always tell me if you like something particularly well or if you have change requests.

As soon as the work is ready, you will receive a notification and detailed photos from me digitally.

Depending on the desire, the work of art still receives a frame made of real wood.

The delivery

The delivery of your artwork will be done by my shipping partner MBE. It is important that you can receive the delivery personally. We will arrange the delivery date together.

Mounting hardware and the certificate of authenticity are included.

Your advantages as a collector

As a collector you will receive a discount of 10% on all originals (sale excluded). In addition, you have the right to the "first look". This means that you have the chance to secure a new work of art before anyone else.

What story would you like to bring to the screen?

Write me directly via the contact form!

Stay focused!