Hanna Oberkersch



Infinity –
Die Farben meiner Seele

A captivating play on canvas where colors converge, boundaries dissolve and infinity unfolds. Come along on a visual journey that expands your perception and invites you to explore the limitless expanse of existence. Immerse yourself in this extraordinary collection.

A brand new series about cognition and creating your own identity.


Open Space -
Overcoming Boundaries

This 3-part series invites you to embark on a journey in a realm of boundless potential. Explore the endless expanses of the imagination and open up new horizons. Jach artwork within the collection opens doors to unknown realms of thought and challenges the viewer to think outside the box. The works provide an inspiring platform to discover new ideas and perspectives, encouraging one to break free from traditional boundaries and limitations.

Immerse yourself in this exclusive "Open Space" collection and let yourself be enchanted by its magic. Discover the potential that lies dormant within you and find the courage to break new ground. The artworks invite you to expand the boundaries of what is possible.


Rise – Wähle immer die Aufwärtsspirale

A powerful visual experience. Awaken your spirit as natural colors and dynamic shapes come together to ignite a sense of awakening. Discover artwork that inspires and uplifts you. They're designed to help you push boundaries and reach new heights. Explore the "Rise" collection and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery.


Sand - Embrace the eternal

An oasis where tranquility unfolds. Immerse yourself in warm hues and soft textures that evoke a sense of calm. Experience the timeless beauty of sand as each artwork captures its eternal essence. Discover the "Sand" collection and embark on a journey of serenity as sand tells you of the stories of the earth.