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Contract work

Turn your home into your sanctuary

Have you ever created something that touched you deeply? For me, it was the unfolding of my creativity that gave me an incredible sense of fulfillment. When I began creating my art, I felt my soul expressing itself and my stories coming to life. The birth of my art was a unique moment that I would like to share with you.

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Let's create something great together

Your very own unique piece

Commissioned work is a very individual and personal thing that I love to do - to work with you to create the perfect image for you.

I invite you to embark on your personal artistic journey and commission a unique masterpiece.

By sharing your story, values and vision with me, we can create an extraordinary work of art that reflects your identity. Design your home and let's transform it into a true sanctuary where art blends with your daily life. 

Contact me today and let's go on this creative adventure together.

Just write me a message via the contact form and tell me your ideas about colors, size and feel of the image.


You want detailed information about my "Art Creation Process"? Read my blog post and get answers to your questions.

"How is a commissioned work created?"