Hanna Oberkersch

How to create a work of art from me

Look behind the scenes with me!

In this blog post I explain how my works are created. 


The inner aesthetics

At the beginning of the artistic process, I think about the subject. It is usually a reflection on what is currently occupying me and my environment - what challenge there is to overcome or what successes there are to celebrate. So a work of art documents where we are right now - or where we want to go. I prefer to create collections of several artworks, each of which tells an individual story.

I want to deliver value. Therefore, before I start, I clarify why this new series is relevant and meaningful. I define a number of artworks and think about what emotions they should evoke.


The external aesthetics

"My source of inspiration is nature. It grounds me and keeps me in the here and now." - Hanna Oberkersch


After I lay the groundwork, I choose the formats and color scheme. Choosing the colors is extremely fun for me. I really enjoy working with different layers, sometimes applied impasto (which means thick) or sometimes thinner. In this way, a compelling story emerges. The canvas is about showing and discovering the different aspects of the story. At the same time, it is also about concealing and hiding. This provides contrasts and creates tension in the painting.


For this I use acrylic paints, because I can influence the opacity of the individual layers very well with water. In addition, acrylic paints are waterproof after drying, which means that the lower layers are not affected when the paint is applied again.

For details and special effects I use additional media such as colored pencils, pastels, oil pastels or pigments.


Layer by layer, the work of art is created until I am satisfied with my work. The drying times between the individual work steps are between twenty and twenty-four hours. This gives me enough time to reflect and get a fresh head.



To create a work of art that sustainably enriches the space, I pay attention to high quality in the selection of materials used. I purchase my paints and pigments mostly from Kremer Pigments.


As a base serve fabrics made of high quality cotton and linen. The frames for my artwork I have individually made by a carpenter.


With high quality materials I achieve longevity and sustainability, so that the message of my artwork does not fade.

Even during the work process, I make thoughts and notes on how I can continuously improve the quality in all areas.



It fills me with pride when a new collection is created. As soon as the last brush stroke is made and the last detail is finished, I'm eager to share the new works with the world - hoping to make someone happy with it.


Stay focused!


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