Hanna Oberkersch

Air II


"Air II" is the continuation of the journey into the sky. Here, the neutral colors and real gold combine to create a harmonious collage. The artwork tells of the strength and self-determination you gain when you have the courage to fly higher and explore new horizons.
"With each day that she let go of more of the external expectations, her inner strength grew. She realized that she could be in charge of her own happiness and choices. She found the courage to pursue her passions and live her dreams. The shackles that once held her captive grew weaker and weaker until they finally broke.
The fairy flew higher and farther than ever before. She felt the power in her wings and the joy in her heart. In this state of freedom, she found her true identity and her inner strength."

The story of "Air II" tells about the inner strength that helped her to take responsibility for herself and create her own life.
Let this story inspire you to find the courage to discover your own inner strength. Empower yourself to take responsibility for your happiness and choices. Fly with a proud chest and experience freedom as you break free from the shackles of expectations and unfold your true identity.


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