Hanna Oberkersch

My artwork virtually on your wall.

How does the artwork look on my wall?

Sometimes you can imagine an idea better if you represent it visually.

How does the artwork look on my wall? Does it fit with my interior? Is it too big, too small, perfect? Does it have the effect I'm hoping for? Is the wall the right choice?

Many questions. And I would like to answer them simply with a special method.

A work of art virtually on your wall

The implementation: Hang an A4 sheet on the wall where your artwork will hang in the future. Photograph this wall as frontally as possible. Send me a non-binding request with the photo of the wall and tell me what artwork you want.

In the next step, I'll insert the artwork of your choice using Photoshop.

Here I show you a few examples:




What are the advantages of virtual trial hanging?

1. you see what effect the artwork has in your room.

2. you can tell if the artwork and furnishings harmonize in color and size.

3. you get a feel for whether the artwork is hanging in the right place.

4. it will be easier for you to make a decision.

Are you interested in a work of art and would like to see it first virtually on your wall? Then send me a non-binding request via my contact form.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Stay focused!