Hanna Oberkersch

An honest interview with the artist

Question: The central theme of your art is "identity. Why did you specialize in this theme?

Hanna: The theme of "identity" plays a major role in our lives. It encompasses our unique characteristics, experiences, values and beliefs that define us as individual personalities. I am fascinated by the complex and multi-layered aspects that shape our identity. When I became a mother, I started thinking very hard about my own identity and how to support my children to grow and develop their self.

By focusing on the theme of identity, I want to give viewers the opportunity to think about their own identity and to engage with the different elements that make it up. I believe that exploring our identity can lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves, but also of others.

Through my art, I create a platform for self-reflection, dialogue and understanding to celebrate the individuality and complexity of human identity.

Each artwork should speak a visual language and encourage the viewer to make their own connections and see their own potential.


Question: Who is your art for?

Hanna: My art is for anyone who wants to develop personally. It is for people who want to focus on their values and individual strengths to make a positive contribution in our world. My art invites everyone to gain new perspectives.


Question: What is the personal meaning behind your theme?

Hanna: I have found the courage to be authentic. That gives me a lot of freedom in my life. Coming to terms with my own identity can lead to wonderful moments of self-acceptance and connection with others. Most beautiful of all are the moments when I get to watch my children go their way and live their identity.


Question: What motivates you to explore this theme artistically?

Hanna: The topic of identity has many fascinating aspects. The diversity of human identity and the unique stories associated with it are extremely interesting. Every story is unique - as is every work of art of mine.

Furthermore, exploring one's own identity is a path to personal growth. The opportunity to get to know yourself better and develop your uniqueness is an exciting journey that can lead to great fulfillment.

And that, in turn, provides space for dialogue and understanding between cultures, genders, and life experiences, which will hopefully ultimately lead to building a respectful society.

The topic of identity fascinates me because of its complexity, its importance to the human experience, and its potential to foster personal and social transformation.


Question: What frustrates you about your subject?

Hanna: The conflict between individual identity and societal expectations. This can lead to frustration from time to time. At the same time, this is a great opportunity to grow and bring about change.


Question: What challenges did you experience in representing the theme in your art? And how did you creatively overcome them? 

Hanna: I had to think about how to represent the complexity of the subject on canvas. My choice fell on acrylic paints. They are so versatile and can be applied in a wide variety of ways. They also allow me to work in layers, which give the work the necessary depth and expressiveness.


Question: What effect do you want your art to have on people?

Hanna: My art should first and foremost inspire the viewer to self-reflection. to self-reflection. He should pause, in the here and nowto think about himself and his world. I want my art to have a positive impact on the mood of the viewer and bring a smile to his face, because he knows that he is on the right path.


Thank you very much for the interview!