Hanna Oberkersch

Über mich

Hanna Oberkersch, Art, Kunst

Über mich

Focus the important

“Hi, ich bin Hanna! Künstlerin, Architektin, Mutter und Story Teller.
Ich erschaffe Kunst, die dich täglich daran erinnert, dich auf das zu konzentrieren, was wichtig ist.”

Meine Geschichte

Das Schmieden meiner Identität

It sounds so simple, but in the hustle and bustle of everyday life we ​​so often lose sight of what is really important. We are stuck in our routines.

We constantly try to meet all expectations. But unfortunately we lose sight of what’s important. 

I found myself in this situation again and again. But in doing so, I completely lost connection with myself. I was so busy trying to please the outside world that I didn’t even ask myself the most important questions. What are my expectations actually ? What are my values? What are my goals? Who do I want to be?

Today I know how important it is to continually ask yourself these questions. 

In a hectic and often distracting world, I want to use my art to create a space where you can connect with your innermost values.

Hanna Oberkersch, Art, Kunst
Hanna Oberkersch, Art, Kunst

Identität ist das zentrale Thema meiner Kunst.

I want my picture on your wall to remind you every day that you have the choice every day about who you want to be. 

You decide who you are. You decide what is important to you.

My intention is for my art to have a positive impact on your daily life. It is intended to encourage you to live consciously, set your priorities and free yourself from external distractions.

My works invite you to pause for a moment and concentrate on what is important. They serve as a reminder to reflect on your own identity. They serve as a reminder to put your goals first. 

I hope my art inspires you to create a deeper connection with yourself and celebrate your own uniqueness. Let my art remind you that you have the potential to achieve your dreams and live a fulfilling life.


As an architect, my job was to create spaces in which we as humans live and that meet our needs. During my five years of study I learned everything about optics, feel and the connection between inside and outside. Even back then, I took art courses that were intended to strengthen my feeling for composition, colors and aesthetics.

“Colors give us energy and have a big influence on our feelings.” -India Mahdavi 

I see art as my calling to make our world a harmonious home. Since the beginning of my career as an artist, I have dedicated myself to this task every day because art makes you happy. I am deeply convinced that the environment we live in greatly influences our mood. I use colors and media to create a visually appealing and emotionally touching atmosphere.

Hanna Oberkersch, Art, Kunst

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